Your Perfect Escape

Born and raised in the state of Madhya Pradesh, Vanshiji completed his post graduation (MA) in Hindi from Sagar University. His intense love and deep-rooted passion for Hindi soon made him to traverse the literary path, where he has achieved several significant milestones.

While Vanshiji was gladly exploring the literary horizon, he also realized that he possessed a god-gifted skill of prediction and future analysis. It is a divine blessing which he decided to put to use for the greater good of society. Apart from pursuing his literary work, he started offering astrological consultation. Meanwhile, he shifted his base to Pune, where he relocated with his family.

Now successfully practicing Astrology for 35 years, Vanshiji has mastered the skill of prediction to an amazingly high level. He understands your problems and challenges simply by touching the palm of your hand. No irritating questions, no horoscopes! Also, he suggests practical solutions that are easy to implement.

Vanshiji specializes in consultation for land and property. He also enjoys a long-standing association with the Hindi and Marathi film industry. For several years, Vanshiji regularly contributed to Trade Guide, a publication that offers in-depth business coverage of Bollywood.